Nomad the Group Collage


  • 27/09/2020
    Marnach, Luxembourg CUBE 521 (Klengen Marnecher Festival_NOMAD - VOLT)
  • 13/11/2020
    Wiltz, Luxembourg Brandbau (20:00_NMtG_"VOLT" @ Brandbau )
  • 13/11/2020
    Wiltz, Luxembourg Brandbau (14:30_NMtG@Brandbau(scolaire))
  • 28/02/2021
    Luxembourg, Luxembourg Neimënster (VOLT @ Apéro Jazz XL - Neimënster Luxembourg)
  • 05/03/2021
    Echternach, Luxembourg Trifolion Echternach (Nomad & Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg (OCL))
  • 26/03/2021
    Saarbrücken, Germany Jules Wayne (NOMAD the GROUP - VOLT)
  • 27/03/2021
    Kaiserslautern, Germany Klangwerkstatt (VOLT)
  • 21/05/2021
    Luxembourg, Luxembourg Conservatoire de Musique Lux-Ville (Concert de Midi)
  • 20/06/2021
    Schwerin, Germany Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Fahrradkonzert in und um Schwerin)

About Nomad

Daniel, Victor, Jeannot, and Sébastien: they take us on a discovery journey into the diversity of cultures and civilizations.

Music of Argentina, the Balkans, the Middle East and India: hear and celebrate the sound of the musical abundance of humanity, through the sensual virtuosity of the accordeon, the magical chant of the clarinet, the profound shadows of the bass, and the electrifying restlessness of the percussions.


Meet the Cast

  • Sébastien

    Sébastien has exclusively been playing classical and contemporary music until he joined Nomad. Now, with his three mates, he is ready to explore music that is new to him. He takes his clarinet on a journey of colors and styles that are transgressing the boundaries set by the repertoire he has played so far. And, above all, he wants to have fun!

  • Jeannot

    Jeannot, as a doublebassist is used to travel through many musical styles.With noMad and his three mates he has the possibility to push the limits with a lot of passion and fun.

  • Daniel

    With a boundless energy and deep sensivity, it's through his instruments - the accordion and the bandoneon - that Daniel expresses himself best. Passioned about Tango and Balkan music, it is only natural for him to join his friends from NoMad the GROUP in order to share these different world musics.

  • Victor

    It’s time for grooves and vibes in a band again! After over 15 years of break, reams of concerts & projects in the classic, theatre, opera, contemporary, electro, education and even x-sports business, Victor wants again to enjoy the full energy of a constant band playing great music; With noMad and his three mates Jeannot, Daniel and Sébastien finally he found the right place to do so. Lucky Victor!

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